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Best Punk / Emo Porn Site – Burning Angel

If you like non-traditional girls with lots of tattoos, piercings and brightly colored hair, then Burning Angel is the perfect porn membership for you. The girls on this site seem to hate authority almost as much as they love to fuck.

Burning Angel was founded by porn’s punk-rock sweetheart, Joanna Angel, as an alternative to all the mainstream porn networks. By embracing her own idea of beauty, Joanna has created a cult following and has brought plenty of like-minded people into the porn industry. In fact, she has done such a good job of recruiting new talent that she has had to put most of her own scenes onto a separate site within the network just to make room for all the hot, eager new girls.

Burning Angel Porn Review

It’s easy to see that the stars of Burning Angel have tons of fun with their scenes, but somehow they always seem to produce high-quality content without ever taking themselves too seriously. Frankly, there’s not a lot of porn that’s really worth watching straight through from start to finish, but most of the scenes on this network are just ridiculous enough to be sufficiently entertaining all the way through.

Some scenes are heavily improvised with plenty of funny dialogue and dirty talk, while others feature more carefully-crafted setups and endings. Some use clever satire to amuse the viewer, and others provide playfully morbid entertainment by featuring absurd things like vampire cheerleaders or girls having sex in full zombie makeup.

So, if you like fun-loving girls that are a little dark and edgy, you are going to love Burning Angel.


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