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Naughty America is one of the most popular porn memberships at the moment not only because it offers so much HD content, but because their scenes tend to be so much fun.

Naughty America

Despite having tons of great sex scenes filmed in fantastic HD quality, Naughty America takes an important additional step by adding situational aspects to each of their scenes in order to make the fantasy more entertaining. This extra effort goes a long way in making the viewer happy (rather than just horny) while watching their videos.

Granted, there’s no doubt the porn industry has a reputation for combining laughably awful acting and amusingly unrealistic scripts. But rather than shying away from this (like many of the gonzo porn sites that get straight to the sex), Naughty America embraces the porn fantasy and gives you a reason why these incredible women are so eager to please.

Maybe a young co-ed needs help paying rent or maintaining her GPA. Maybe a sexy secretary is desperate to keep her job or an important client. Whatever the case may be, the plots, acting, sets, props, clothes, etc. are just enough to make things fun without being overly excessive or taking up too much time. And that’s why Naughty America is a great porn membership for anybody with a little imagination.


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