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This is a specialized collection of niche porn site reviews. These sites are very unique and will not be the right choice for everybody. However, they are all considered to be the very best porn memberships available within their own niche.

If you see something here that immediately appeals to you, then will almost certainly LOVE having a subscription to that site. But if nothing jumps out at you, then you’ll probably be much happier settling for a traditional online porn network by choosing between one of the more popular porn memberships featured on this review site.

If, however, there is something fairly specific you know you definitely want but that you do not see here, we strongly recommend trying out the VideosZ porn network, since they have the largest variety of niche porn content available on the internet. And now, you can even get temporary access to their entire library for only a few bucks. So if you really wanted, you could just download as many niche-specific videos as possible during your trial membership.

But first, please check out these niche porn site reviews:


Best Punk / Emo Porn Site – Burning Angel

If you like non-traditional girls with lots of tattoos, piercings and brightly colored hair, then Burning Angel is the perfect porn membership for you. The girls on this site seem to hate authority almost as much as they love to fuck.

Burning Angel was founded by porn’s punk-rock sweetheart, Joanna Angel, as an alternative to all the mainstream porn networks. By embracing her own idea of beauty, Joanna has created a cult following and has brought plenty of like-minded people into the porn industry. In fact, she has done such a good job of recruiting new talent that she has had to put most of her own scenes onto a separate site within the network just to make room for all the hot, eager new girls.

Burning Angel Porn Review

It’s easy to see that the stars of Burning Angel have tons of fun with their scenes, but somehow they always seem to produce high-quality content without ever taking themselves too seriously. Frankly, there’s not a lot of porn that’s really worth watching straight through from start to finish, but most of the scenes on this network are just ridiculous enough to be sufficiently entertaining all the way through.

Some scenes are heavily improvised with plenty of funny dialogue and dirty talk, while others feature more carefully-crafted setups and endings. Some use clever satire to amuse the viewer, and others provide playfully morbid entertainment by featuring absurd things like vampire cheerleaders or girls having sex in full zombie makeup.

So, if you like fun-loving girls that are a little dark and edgy, you are going to love Burning Angel.


Best Hardcore Porn Site For Women – Passion HD

Let’s face it: porn movies are made to give men what (they think) they want. But this formula fails to account for the fact that women are actually the ones who make sex great.

Passion-HD videos put the focus on giving the woman what she wants. And as it turns out, men and women tend to have very similar sexual goals, they just have different ways of getting there.
Passion HD

Make no mistake; Passion-HD certainly isn’t a site that only women will enjoy. Because when the girl in a porn movie doesn’t have to worry about being humiliated or taken advantage of, she is then free to lose herself in the sexual experience and do whatever comes naturally to her.

And this tends to result in plenty of deep penetration, gyrating hips, passionate and sincere blowjobs, clitoral stimulation, enthusiastic fucking in a ton of fun sexual positions and ultimately orgasmic ecstasy.
Hardcore Porn for Women

Plus, not only can Passion-HD help teach men some very rewarding lessons and techniques, but it is probably the best porn for you and your partner to watch together if you are looking to add some real excitement in the bedroom.

So before you decide to subscribe to a porn membership site that was essentially built to provide instant gratification to young males with severe attention deficit disorder, please take a moment to consider how much more smoothly things tend to go when a woman is truly happy.


Best P.O.V. Porn Site (Point-of-View) –

If you’re a guy who likes to pretend that he’s the one inside the porn scene and personally fucking a beautiful woman rather than simply watching two people have sex in front of a bunch of cameras, then is the obvious choice for you.

To be clear, this is NOT an amateur site where some random guy straps a cheap personal camcorder to his forehead and you end up with an unfocused video with a limited view of the girl he is having clumsy sex with as he tries to adjust the camera settings. In fact, if this site has one fault, it’s that after seeing a couple of these videos, you’ll never want to watch anything like that ever again.
POV Porn

All the scenes on POVD are filmed with high-end, state-of-the-art equipment in an incredibly professional way that honestly makes it feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. Every sexual act and every position is orchestrated perfectly so that it feels like you are simply an extension of the camera. And not only is the 1080p HD video quality absolutely amazing, but it is taken from a steady camera located right at the male actor’s eye level.

Plus, you don’t have to listen to lots of annoying grunts and sounds that are typically found in POV videos where a shaky camera and built-in microphone are located near some random guy’s face. Instead, you are treated to incredible 3D surround sound that is so precise, you will want to make sure you’re wearing some decent headphones instead of just listening through your speakers. Also, be sure you have them placed on the correct ears, because the sounds you hear from the left and right audio channels really do correspond to what you’re seeing on the screen at that exact moment.

Seriously, we can’t stress enough how much it feels like you are really there.

In fact, many guys recommend setting up a Fleshlight or some other sort of sex toy before you get started in order to make the entire experience feel as realistic as physically possible. And after a few minutes, it is remarkably easy to completely lose yourself in an intense sexual fantasy and entirely forget that the gorgeous girl getting fucked on screen isn’t actually right there with your dick inside her.

There is no question that POVD provides a truly intimate experience. From every little expression on a girl’s face to every movement of her hips, you feel like she’s reacting directly to you without regard to anybody else in the world. And from the moment you begin to feel like it’s just the two of you, nothing else will matter to you either.

So if you truly want to lose yourself in your porn experience, then accept no substitute. POVD is completely redefining porn and virtually putting the world’s sexiest girls at the tip of your dick.


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