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You may recognize the “Bang Bros” name from their long-running Bang Bus series in which they pick up random girls on the street, drive them around in their van, offer them money for sex, fuck them, and then usually drop them off at a random location without ever paying them. But while Bang Bus certainly helped put them on the map, Bang Bros has expanded their network quite a bit over the years to include a ton of other fantastic sites as well.

Bang Bros Membeership Review

Many of their best sites are still based on amusing “real life” situations (that may or may not be set up) intended to provide the viewer with considerable entertainment. These situations typically feature experienced porn stars targeting normal, unsuspecting people with the intention of fucking them on camera. One of the most fun and enticing aspects of this approach is that it makes the viewer feel like this is something that could just randomly occur at any time. And when you feel like your life could spontaneously be the basis of a porno, it provides a whole new level of personal excitement while you watch it happen to somebody else.

One site that epitomizes this concept is Fuck Team Five. This is where a group of five sexy sluts travel around seeking out random guys to have sex with. Needless to say, most of the guys they approach have some pretty entertaining reactions to this sort of opportunity, and many of them are easily convinced to take considerable risks simply because they are far too horny to pass up the chance to fuck all those gorgeous women. This often results in impromptu scenes shot in fairly public locations or at places of business while people are supposed to be working. But who could really blame a guy for behaving this way when presented with such an incredible opportunity?

Although they do have plenty of normal porn scenes as well, the Bang Bros network really stands out as a porn membership option that is best suited towards guys who want to believe they could be the ones having sex with random girls. So if you want to feel like spontaneous and anonymous sex is always within your reach, Bang Bros might just be the best porn membership for you.


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