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Porn memberships are full of compromises between factors such as video and production quality, the amount of content, and subscription costs. Our membership reviews highlight the most unique aspects of several popular porn networks so that you can make an informed decision based upon the criteria most important to you.


Porn Membership Reviews

Wicked Pictures – Award-Winning Porn Films

Wicked has been producing many of the world’s most popular porn videos for over 20 years and has even won the AVN Award for “Movie of the Year” the last 4 times. Ever since signing legendary porn hall-of-famer, Jenna Jameson, to an exclusive contract in 1995, this studio has been attracting some of the industry’s best talent and putting it to good use.
porn parodies

A lot of Wicked’s recent success has to do with “The King of Parody,” Axel Braun. He is actually a MENSA genius with a Ph.D. in Psychology and is responsible for writing and directing several of the highest-selling adult titles of all time including numerous critically-acclaimed parodies such as Star Wars and Suicide Squad.

Wicked has won the AVN Award for “Movie of the Year” the last 4 times.

trial porn membership

Over the years, Wicked Pictures has produced more than 500 award-winning movies, and a subscription to their website allows you to download or stream all of them plus thousands of other great HD scenes, too.

With frequent updates, competitive pricing, and a whole bunch of great content, Wicked has created a very well-rounded porn membership that excels in pretty much every category. It is a great choice regardless of whether you’re interested in downloading classic adult films, watching high-budget porn parodies, or simply browsing through random HD scenes.

And if you’re still not convinced, you can even buy a trial for less than $1 per day to test it out for yourself. Considering how many wildly popular porn films Wicked Pictures has produced over the years, this is a really fun membership to check out even if you don’t plan to subscribe for very long.


Bang Bros – Professionally Filmed Reality Porn

You may recognize the “Bang Bros” name from their long-running Bang Bus series in which they pick up random girls on the street, drive them around in their van, offer them money for sex, fuck them, and then usually drop them off at a random location without ever paying them. But while Bang Bus certainly helped put them on the map, Bang Bros has expanded their network quite a bit over the years to include a ton of other fantastic sites as well.

Bang Bros Membeership Review

Many of their best sites are still based on amusing “real life” situations (that may or may not be set up) intended to provide the viewer with considerable entertainment. These situations typically feature experienced porn stars targeting normal, unsuspecting people with the intention of fucking them on camera. One of the most fun and enticing aspects of this approach is that it makes the viewer feel like this is something that could just randomly occur at any time. And when you feel like your life could spontaneously be the basis of a porno, it provides a whole new level of personal excitement while you watch it happen to somebody else.

One site that epitomizes this concept is Fuck Team Five. This is where a group of five sexy sluts travel around seeking out random guys to have sex with. Needless to say, most of the guys they approach have some pretty entertaining reactions to this sort of opportunity, and many of them are easily convinced to take considerable risks simply because they are far too horny to pass up the chance to fuck all those gorgeous women. This often results in impromptu scenes shot in fairly public locations or at places of business while people are supposed to be working. But who could really blame a guy for behaving this way when presented with such an incredible opportunity?

Although they do have plenty of normal porn scenes as well, the Bang Bros network really stands out as a porn membership option that is best suited towards guys who want to believe they could be the ones having sex with random girls. So if you want to feel like spontaneous and anonymous sex is always within your reach, Bang Bros might just be the best porn membership for you.


VideosZ – Most Porn Video Downloads

VideosZIf you’re looking for the most porn money can buy, then VideosZ (now called “BANG!”) is your one-stop shop. This porn membership tends to be a little more expensive than most others, but there are absolutely massive quantities of full-length scenes and DVDs available at the click of a button. In fact,

VideosZ gives you full access to more content than any other porn membership!

With such a gigantic selection, there’s definitely enough material to fill just about any niche. And with so much to choose from, you’ll never have to worry that you might be missing out on something better from a different network. Oh, and every single video is available for download as well.

With such massive archives of material and new HD videos coming out all the time, VideosZ has gone to great lengths ensuring that the site is very easy to navigate. And since there are multiple ways to sort and search the site, users shouldn’t have much trouble sifting through all that content to find exactly what they are looking for.

Frankly, the biggest problem with this site is that you could spend all of your waking hours surfing through it and still never come close to seeing everything it has to offer.


Reality Kings – Most Original Porn Network

The Reality Kings network has been a strong influence on the online porn industry for many years. As the name suggests, they were among the first to introduce a healthy dose of “reality” into their videos to make it feel like just about any guy could pick up and fuck random girls. But as the years have gone on, and the network has expanded, Reality Kings has slowly gotten away from its original “amateur” vibe.

Although there are still plenty of unscripted auditions and other situations that may or may not be real, the production quality has definitely gotten a lot better. And despite filming a lot of these videos with only one or two cameras, the picture quality is remarkable.

Reality Kings has also upped their game by bringing in more experienced porn stars who really know what they’re doing. This translates to longer and more continuous scenes with unobstructed camera angles and tons of fun sexual positions.

Reality Kings

Furthermore, the network has really been outdoing itself by creating some amazing new sites that have really shown the its commitment to putting out a strong product. In fact, their new series Teens Love Huge Cocks could arguably be considered the best new porn series on the internet as it showcases absolutely gorgeous, young models taking on surprisingly big dicks filmed in a way that can only be described as “visually enticing.” Plus, newly scripted sites such as Moms Bang Teens really epitomize the network’s dedication to variety by combining assertive and experienced women with young and naive girls and boys.

Long story short, Reality Kings is a solid network that’s been around forever and continues to get better.


Digital Playground – Big-Budget Adult Films

Most porn studios would rather produce a whole bunch of cheap videos than a few really good ones. And generally speaking, this has proven to be a very profitable formula in the porn industry, so most production studios look to make their money by filming as many scenes as they possibly can within a very short period of time. Of course, their preference for quantity over quality means that they don’t really have much time to waste trying to perfect each scene. But most viewers are pretty forgiving of this, since they really just want to skip ahead to the “good parts” anyway.

However, Digital Playground has adopted a completely different approach in an effort to provide what no other porn membership can. By spending lots of time and money to carefully create professionally produced content, Digital Playground has become the first company to successfully bring Hollywood’s production standards to the world of porn.

Digital Playground Review

Not only is their video quality amazing, but the use of clever plot structures, impressive special effects, elaborate movie sets and authentic costume designs make Digital Playground stand out as the only production company to film hardcore pornography without compromising the cinematic integrity of their movies. And unlike most porn videos, these movies provide continual entertainment even when everybody has their clothes on.

Because of their incredible devotion to quality and attention to detail, Digital Playground cannot possibly offer as many videos as some of the more popular porn memberships, but anyone who truly appreciates top-notch quality should be more than satisfied with the selection of films available through this porn subscription service.

Digital Playground is the first company to bring Hollywood production standards to the world of porn.

Digital Playground has begun to raise the public’s expectations and ideals of what porn should be. A few of the other big porn membership sites have slowly begun to increase the quality of their scripts and production values as well in a few of their bigger movie releases, but Digital Playground continues to lead the way by pushing the limits and continuously delivering content of the highest possible quality. So even if you don’t end up buying a membership to Digital Playground, just know that porn movies are getting better simply because they exist.


Brazzers – Best Porn Site for Big Boobs


The Brazzers network has created one of the most professional porn memberships available, and it also features some of the best production quality. Videos are very well edited and available in multiple formats. Additionally, the site’s layout makes it very easy to find the type content you’re looking for.

Voted “Best Membership Website” at AVN Awards

Although there is a decent variety of sites within the Brazzers network, it is definitely worth noting that an overwhelming portion of the videos feature women with rather sizable breasts. Some are real and some are fake, but almost all of them are big. For most guys, this probably isn’t a problem. But for better or worse, it’s certainly worth taking this factor into consideration when reviewing porn memberships.


Brazzers is one of the most recognizable names in the online porn industry, and it has created an award-winning porn membership that is priced very competitively. But if you want to get a sneak peak before making a long-term commitment, they also offer a 2-day trial membership for only $1. And at that price, this network is definitely worth checking out.


Naughty America – Best HD Porn Fantasy Site

Naughty America is one of the most popular porn memberships at the moment not only because it offers so much HD content, but because their scenes tend to be so much fun.

Naughty America

Despite having tons of great sex scenes filmed in fantastic HD quality, Naughty America takes an important additional step by adding situational aspects to each of their scenes in order to make the fantasy more entertaining. This extra effort goes a long way in making the viewer happy (rather than just horny) while watching their videos.

Granted, there’s no doubt the porn industry has a reputation for combining laughably awful acting and amusingly unrealistic scripts. But rather than shying away from this (like many of the gonzo porn sites that get straight to the sex), Naughty America embraces the porn fantasy and gives you a reason why these incredible women are so eager to please.

Maybe a young co-ed needs help paying rent or maintaining her GPA. Maybe a sexy secretary is desperate to keep her job or an important client. Whatever the case may be, the plots, acting, sets, props, clothes, etc. are just enough to make things fun without being overly excessive or taking up too much time. And that’s why Naughty America is a great porn membership for anybody with a little imagination.


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